[Snort-users] re: snortcenter/using a sensor with no ip address

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Thu Jun 26 06:17:15 EDT 2003

Hello All,

I am running Snort 2.0 with Acid on Redhat 8. The Snort box has 2
interfaces; eth0 has an ip address and is used to administer the box; eth1
doesn't have an ip address and is plugged into a mirror port.  I am running
snort with the '-i eth1' option.   I have installed Snortcenter and would
like to use it to simplify rule management.  When I attempt to add the
sensor eth1 (no ip address) in Snortcenter, it appears that Snortcenter
wants an ip address for the sensor. When I attempt to push the rule set to
the sensor and then reload, Snortcenter complains that it cannot connect to
eth1 due to the fact that it doesn't have an ip address. Is there a way
around this?


Lindsay Hunt
Network Engineer
Alstom Power
phone 804-763-7239
mobile 804-334-1682
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