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Chris Green cmg at ...1935...
Thu Jun 26 05:10:22 EDT 2003

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JP Vossen <vossenjp at ...8683...> writes:

> This is at least the second or third minor bug I've seen mentioned in this
> list where the answer was "use the CVS version."  Yet the CVS page has, in big
> red letters at the top:
>  "NOTE: These snapshots may be unstable. While these may work most
> of the time, these may not be 100% tested and ready for production
> use. Use at your own risk."

May means there is a possibility it's not working.  However, if
someone tells you that the problem you are using is fixed there, you
should try to use it and report back that it fixed your problem.
> There is also a lot of good things in the changelog more recent than
> 2003-04-14...
> When will Snort 2.0.1 (or whatever) be out, 

Lots of the things changed in CVS we ask people to go try and never
hear back from them.  The

> and will there (FINALLY) be Snort.org RPMs?

Hugo van der Kooij is doing them now.  I'm out of that business.  Now
that I check, I don't see them on snort.org so I'll ask Brian about
it when he gets in to work today.

> Chris, Marty???

We're working on a few more minor fixes for 2.0.1 but there should be
a release shortly.  That's as much of a guarantee as you're going to
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