[Snort-users] Barnyard and postgresql

Andrew R. Baker andrewb at ...950...
Wed Jun 25 18:05:04 EDT 2003

Jason wrote:
> Possibly offtopic, but the barnyard list gets very little traffic. (And I
> saw the previous posts on the subject, I realise this is a known issue,
> however no solutions have been provided as of yet.... atleast none that I
> could find.
> We currently use postgres for the backend as mysql does not scale in our
> enviroment.
> Below is where make dies. (this is a freebsd 4.8 machine).

The solution is to actually add the postgres code to Barnyard.  While 
there are stubs for it in the source, there is not actually any code. 
Someone submitted a patch for it a while ago, but I have not had time to 
review/commit it yet (a full time job tends to do that).


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