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Wed Jun 25 08:37:03 EDT 2003

> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Juergen Anthamatten wrote:
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> > Rule application order: alert->pass->alarm
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> By default, pass rules are applied last.  You need to change the order of
> the applications of rules.  With custom types, they are applied last
> unless you change the order.
> You can change the order with "-o" or a config directive.  If you want
> 'alarm' to go first, then you need to use the config directive [0]:
> 	config order:  alarm pass alert dynamic
> Cheers!
thx for the reply.

the rule order "alert->pass->alarm" is what I want and I'm using already
"config order:  alert pass alarm ..."

the problem was that for about 99% of syn-acks from 
( of the form: > universe.unpriv: S
2146395230:2146395230(0) ack...) 
the pass rule was matching and for about 1% the alarm rule. 
Even if the order of "pass" and "alarm" would be wrong, 100% of the syn-acks
from have to match either the pass rule or the alarm rule,
but not some the pass-rule and some the alarm-rule...

Andrew R. Baker's suggestion to use the latest version from the CVS-tree 
fixed the problem....


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