[Snort-users] Minimal OS installation for a Snort sensor

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Tue Jun 24 07:18:15 EDT 2003

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Or:  http://www.ipcop.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view/IPCop/WebHome

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I remember a 20 months old document at SANS by Mr. Metcalf that is a
detailed guide for a  mixed Linux/Windows configuration where there are 
useful indication for a minimal (Linux RH) OS installation to be used
the sensor.
By reducing the number of unnecessary components we can avoid waste of 
resources and also reduce the chance that weak components can be a cause
failure (vulnerability at first).

Does anyone have his own indication for such configuration with recent
releases (Linux as well as BSD)?

Hope this question can be useful to newbies, but also to experts to
their "defaults"


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