[Snort-users] WinPcap 3.0 supports remote capture

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Tue Jun 24 06:36:35 EDT 2003

Every once in awhile, you see a topic that pops up on the 10+ listservers
that I am on that deserves a comment.  :)

This could be an answer for many remote management theories...

One snort box, or what not, with a database, ACID, and snort on it.

Several basic loads, with remote capture reporting back to this snort box.
It would require little to no user interaction.  Just a nic card.  This has
WAY too many possibilites.


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Yesterday I mentioned SVtun
(http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~nnavi/vtun/) for capturing
packets on one Linux device and analyzing them on a
separate Linux device, in response to a question on
doing the same with Windows and Linux.  It appears
that WinPcap 3.0, released 10 Apr 03 and updated to
3.01 alpha on 13 Jun, supports this experimentally. 

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