[Snort-users] snortcenter + postgres?

Jason Boykin getmesecure at ...131...
Mon Jun 23 14:55:22 EDT 2003

Hey all,

I couldnt find a group for snortcenter so Im gonna
turn here.

I was poking around snort center today and found
snortcenter_db.pgsql  I previously thought it would
only work with mysql since I had never found any
mention of postgres anywhere.

Currently I can log into snort center but only get a
blue page with the header grafic.  No errors, checked
both apache and postgres logs.  I did get 
"GET /snortcenter/images/fw_menu.js HTTP/1.1" 200
in my apache access_log but Im pretty sure I did not
see that on my page.

I did go through config.php and Im real sure I got all
that right.  I even went through and changed some
values just to make sure it would give me errors then.

I used this guide which was written for mysql
 I manuall created the database and inserted the
tables with
createdb snortcenter
psql snortcenter < snortcenter_db.pgsql

since snortcenter seemed to skip over the database
install and go directly to sensor.php after the log

I am using adodb for acid and its been working fine
for quite a while now.  I installed curl through rpm
but I dont think that will be needed till later.

Anyone got this thing running with postgres?  That
would give me some hope!

Tomarrow Im going to toss up a temp mysql server to
make sure it wasnt any of my configuration.

postgres 7.1.2
php 4.2.3
apache 1.3.26
curl 7.10.4
OpenSSL 0.9.6b

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