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Mon Jun 23 12:19:37 EDT 2003

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I sent Sourceforge a support request on behalf of the project and it's 
faster than it was.  We were experiencing 3 day delays previously.  They're 
down to hours now, which is considerably more reasonable.  Sourceforge does 
a very good job considering they don't charge anything.

Either people use the list more intelligently or it will become moderated 
and all the ACID/Snortcenter/how do I get X working with Y and Z (all of 
which have been answered countless times in the past) will be moved 

If a user asks a question that's already been answered, the first line of 
the message should be crystal clear:

This question was answered in August of 2002 in this message (URL HERE). 
Search the snort-users archives: 
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=snort-users&r=1&w=2 BEFORE POSTING.

If you're frustrated by the status quo, change it.  You're the users, lead 
by example.  Whether a new Yahoo group is created or a Sourceforge list is 
created is irrelevant.  There's no reason to believe it will be any more 
useful if the bulk of the traffic carried by the list is questions whose 
answers are already available.  I'll leave the rest to your imagination, 
but I'll mention that a moderated list is by no means out of the picture as 
a possible solution.

- -Jeff

- --On Thursday, June 19, 2003 14:21 -0400 Matt Kettler 
<mkettler at ...4108...> wrote:

> At 09:03 AM 6/19/2003 -0400, Chris Green wrote:
>> "Rodney Green" <rgreen at ...7484...> writes:
>> > This list is slow.
>> >
>> Complain to sourceforge.
> Agreed, it is slow, it has been slow, and likely always will be slow.
> Sourceforge handles an absolutely obscene quantity of mailing lists with
> very little source of revenue to do it with.
> Round-trip-time for a post to the list seems to be anywhere from 1 hour
> to 2 hours, which is why I usually respond to both the list, and the
> sender. This way they get the copy that is directly addressed to them in
> a reasonable timeframe, and the rest of the list still gets to see it
> (albeit much later).
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