[Snort-users] install Q ref; Redhat 9.0 Installation Guide, Setup guides @ snort.org

zie inhoud geluk at ...9536...
Mon Jun 23 06:12:19 EDT 2003

Kinda newby question  2 issue's
testing apache/php  in pdf file "http://ip_adress/test.php" &
testing ACID in pdf file "Then go to http://yourhost/acid/acid_main.ph"
mozilla is given 2 options
1) opening using an application --> mozilla doesn't see the file
(/www/htdocs/adodb/, even with option show hidden files..)
2) save this file to disk -->saved the file choose the view in browser
result nothing happens

Q What am I doing wrong ??, what did I misss or didn't do correct?

TIA  jc

btw http://localhost/ = gives apache test page
Additional info
Redhat 9.0  (was already installed before using Setup Guide)
apache > httpd-2.0.45.tar.gz not found ...used this version  
apache >httpd-2.0.46.tar.gz
jpgraph-1.11.tar.gz notfound  (http://jpgraph.techuk.com/ = not alive)
used instead 
jpgraph-1.12.2.tar.gz from url

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