[Snort-users] Malware Identified (window size 55808)

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Sun Jun 22 13:38:02 EDT 2003

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(Oops, I replied to the wrong thread last time)

ISS's work was based on a paper written by Dave Meltzer.  Meltzer, being 
the individual who discovered the Linux binaries in the wild, has already 
said the binaries he found do not match the behavior of the traffic we've 
all been seeing.

In other words, they're A source, not THE source.

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> http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,1132253,00.asp
> Finally the bug has been identified, whose only known signature was a
> window size of 55808.  First dubbed a Trojan, it has been downgraded to a
> "mapping tool."  It carries no payload, therefore is not immediately
> dangerous (but appears to be easily upgraded with additional code).
> It appears that it currently infects only Linux boxes but again, could be
> easily upgraded with additional code.
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