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> -- I think a fair amount of it is "How do I get Snort logging to MySQL?"
> -- but the problem is still that really, snort-users should be a rather
> low-volume list, and we need snort-newusers (or snort-setup) and then --
> *MAYBE* -- snort-3rdparty-setup (though for God's sake, with a better
> name than that).

snort-newbies or snort-setup are appropriate names.

> However, if we do go ahead and do this, I'd argue there's a need to have
> all three lists reside in the same place and advertised through
> snort.org.  I think the vast majority of people who land on this mailing
> list find it because they've downloaded snort from Snort.org and seen
> Snort's link to this mailing list.  It's foolish to wait until someone
> posts to say "hey, you should go to this other mailing list."


> As for the 3rd-party tools, I have to admit I didn't even notice ACID
> had its own user mailing list hosted on sourceforge.  Of course, of the
> 13 messages posted in June, it appears approximately 11 are spam, so
> it's obviously not being vigorously managed.  I do think we should start
> responding to ACID questions with "That's not appropriate for this
> mailing list," though I'm not sure we have enough cantankerous assholes
> to maintain that as a consistent tone.  I do very strongly support the
> idea of a mailing list for each widely-adopted tool.  I'm not sure
> what's going to happen in the case of SnortCenter.  I'm guessing Lars
> doesn't have a whole bunch of energy/desire to deal with the support
> side of it (and in the case of SC, I think there's a danger anyway
> because it is so dependent on the efforts of one person).
> -roy

If the ACID list is unmaintained, there's nothing we can do about it.  Once 
a new list is created, list users would be expected to abide by the posting 

I do not mean to single out SnortCenter or ACID, it's by no means an easy 
effort to support a third party component in your spare time. 
Nevertheless, these components (and a few others) result in a 
disproportional amount of traffic to snort-users.  If people want to use 
these components, something has to give.  More documentation is needed 
(written by experienced users and the authors of these components), as well 
as a better place to ask questions about these components.

Brian/Marty, any interest in a t-shirt program for writing third-party 
component documentation?

- -Jeff

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