[Snort-users] Error trapping signatures ...

Jon Baer security at ...9153...
Sun Jun 22 11:14:05 EDT 2003

actually seems to be an old idea ...


its 3 years old but makes alot of good points ...

An IDS which implements a strict anomaly detection model can never enter a
false-positive state, i.e. can never generate a false alarm, because
which occurs outside the definition of "use", by definition, has security

i think it makes sense to wrap these type of sigs around apps like mysql for
example once its in production but does anyone here on the list actually
deploy these type of techniques w/ success?

- jon

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> Basically, once you have a "known" network, it doesn't take much to get a
> set of rules when you see "something that shouldn't be happening".  A nice
> benefit of this is that once this is setup, any changes that are made to
> the network (rouge server) become pretty obvious.

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