[Snort-users] Acid Email Alerts

Jon Baer security at ...9153...
Fri Jun 20 14:41:26 EDT 2003

try opening acid_action.inc file and locate the Action_email_alert_post()
method (line 681) ... add it in ... im not sure why/where it was originally
suppose to be defined.

$action_email_from = "security at ...2686...";

- jon

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> Brian Gregorcy wrote:
> > ya, I toyed with getting alerts to send out when they came in but it
> > worked correctly.  Also, just to get the alerts to send out when you hit
> > button required me to play with sendmail.  I'm a solaris newb so that is
> > probably the reason why I never got it to work correctly.
> >
> > If anyone knows of a way I would also love to hear it.
> >
> >
> > b
> >
> it's not a relaying denied thing.  i haven't looked into where acid
> grabs the "from:" field, but on my machine it tries to send mail as
> "www at ...274...".  i added "localhost" to sendmail's relay-domains file
> but no go.
> my next step would be to change the "mail" directive in php.ini but i
> don't want to yet because other php stuff on this machine sends mail and
> they work fine.  i just need to find a good time window to try it real
> quick.
> i'd try "sendmail -i -f etc..." instead of stock "sendmail" next because
> awhile ago when i searched for this solution i read in the archives that
> for someone "-f pepelopezenacidos at ...9532..." (replace
> "pepelopezenacidos at ...9532..." w/ the "from:" address you want to use)
> worked.
> in, short, i'd be interested in seeing what fixes your mail from acid
> problem.
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