[Snort-users] Thoughts.....Future of Linux?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Fri Jun 20 11:07:09 EDT 2003

At 11:52 AM 6/20/2003 -0400, Donofrio, Lewis wrote:

This is hardly new and not really worth discussion on this list because 
there's an absolutely OBSCENE amount of coverage of this.. read 
slashdot.org and lwn.net, or any tech-oriented news site for a lot of 
detail about this.

However, it's all speculation till it goes to court and the real details 
are fully available, making discussing it here even more pointless. It 
seems the real issue is going to be how the cross-licensing agreements 
between IBM, SCO and sequent were written and those are not documents open 
to the public.

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