[Snort-users] bad IP traffic

NC Agent NC_Agent at ...9528...
Fri Jun 20 08:07:25 EDT 2003

My company NIDS - i.e. snort 2.0 - is triggering since three/four days a lot
of  "BAD-TRAFFIC bad frag bits" alerts.
These come out when a TCP packet has both fragment and don't_fragment bit

Target of these alerts is almost always the IP address of a particular Web
Server (one of our server farm).
Other alerts are triggered on this target, some are common ones such as
Apache worm for Apache old version but this
is a usual maltraffic, but other ones are of type "bad TCP/IP traffic", such
as anomalous TTL values for packets.

It seems to me this could be a scan/gathering info technique, is it correct?
can this be a False Positive ? Can this
be something more dangerous?

Any help will be very appreciated,



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