[Snort-users] ACID/mysql/snort install

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Thu Jun 19 08:24:01 EDT 2003

This is a database user login issue...it looks like you either don't have 
your user set up properly in your database or you are not using the correct 
credentials in your acid config...

Hope this helps.


> OK.maybe this has been answered already and I missed it.  If so, please
> indulge me as I would really like to get this system up and running. 
>  I followed the steps according to the HOW-TO at the following link: 
> http://www.madisonlinux.org/help/snort.shtml.  Except that I'm 
> setting this up on a RedHat 9 system with all of the newest package 
> instead of the ones listed.  Basically everything went off without a 
> hitch EXCEPT the snort RPMs.  I couldn't find them anywhere.  So I 
> downloaded and installed the newest release (2.0.0) from tarball.  
> Now obviously there are some options that aren't available because 
> of the version differences, which I can accept.  However, once 
> everything is said and done, I get an access denied error when I try 
> it out.  I've enclosed a screenshot for clarity.  Is this a database 
> issue?  A snort issue?  A mysql issue?  Can anyone help????
> Thanks..
> -the dataking

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