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This is a database issue.  acid at ...274... <mailto:acid at ...274...>  doesn't
have permission to access the mysql database.
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OK...maybe this has been answered already and I missed it.  If so, please
indulge me as I would really like to get this system up and running.  I
followed the steps according to the HOW-TO at the following link:
<http://www.madisonlinux.org/help/snort.shtml> .  Except that I'm setting
this up on a RedHat 9 system with all of the newest package instead of the
ones listed.  Basically everything went off without a hitch EXCEPT the snort
RPMs.  I couldn't find them anywhere.  So I downloaded and installed the
newest release (2.0.0) from tarball.  Now obviously there are some options
that aren't available because of the version differences, which I can
accept.  However, once everything is said and done, I get an access denied
error when I try it out.  I've enclosed a screenshot for clarity.  Is this a
database issue?  A snort issue?  A mysql issue?  Can anyone help????
-the dataking
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