[Snort-users] Snort with three interfaces attached to diferent network segment

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If you want to be 100% sure your Snort machine doesn't route traffic
then you will have to power it off.  Since that's not very pratical for
IDS, the next best option is to NOT configure IP addresses on any of
your promiscuous interfaces.  That's still not perfect, but it's much
harder to hack what you can't see.

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Hi Folks, I have the following question, I just have one machine to 
monitor the activity on three diferent network segments (Redhat 9), so 
I plan to to install 3 NIC on the snort machine, setup the interfaces 
on promiscous mode without IP information and start to listen each 
segment, I'm kinda worried for the security implications because I'm 
creating a physcial path between the Internet, DMZ and MZ zones, so 
in  theory there is a small probablity of bypass the Firewall using 
the snort machine.
Can somebody explain what is the risk that I'm facing using this 
architecture, How can I make sure 100% that the Linux will not route 
packet between different segments, In wich ways a Hacker can exploit 
my network ???



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