[Snort-users] Questions on source

John Deagan johndeaganaka at ...125...
Wed Jun 18 09:34:07 EDT 2003

Thanks for all the previous help, it is appreciated.  Im digging around 
through the source code, and obviously there is a lot to look at.  Is there 
any sort of general documentation out there, or should I just go through 
each file and immerse myself in it.  I have a general idea of how its 
working.  My interests are focued on the database outputs.  I was told 
spo_database.c is the one that actually does the logging (thanks again!), 
but when is the function Database (the one that does the inserting) actually 
called?  Ive failed to find what functions use it, and when.  Any general or 
specific help?
<<< John >>>

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