[Snort-users] File size limit exceeded

Mathias Gygax mg at ...6091...
Tue Jun 17 00:43:20 EDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 02:34:27AM -0400, Joecat28 at ...661... wrote:
> Hello, I know this has appeared in the past, but the archives were not
> very helpfull. When running snort 2.0.0 on RedHat 9.0 I get the
> message "File size 
> limit exceeded." The alert file is only about 500mb and there is no
> .login file with the line "file size limit x".  Is this because of
> libpcap? How can i 
> reconfigure it with the big file size option? Is this something to do with 
> RedHat? Any help would be apreciated. 
> PS the comp is spec are fine, dual P4 3 GHz, 85 Gb, 1Gb Ram, so it must be 
> some software.

check the "output alert_unified:" option in snort.conf. there you can
customize the size of the log.

 - regards, turrican

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