[Snort-users] File size limit exceeded

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Mon Jun 16 23:35:24 EDT 2003

Hello, I know this has appeared in the past, but the archives were not very 
helpfull.  When running snort 2.0.0 on RedHat 9.0 I get the message "File size 
limit exceeded."  The alert file is only about 500mb and there is no .login 
file with the line "file size limit x".  Is this because of libpcap?  How can i 
reconfigure it with the big file size option?  Is this something to do with 
RedHat? Any help would be apreciated. 
PS the comp is spec are fine, dual P4 3 GHz, 85 Gb, 1Gb Ram, so it must be 
some software.

Thanks in advance,
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