[Snort-users] ACID --with-gd

Jan van den Berg jan at ...8420...
Sun Jun 15 22:42:09 EDT 2003

This is driving me crazy..


I have installed Snort, mySQL, PHP and ACID everything runs ok, except
when I want to click on "Graph Alert Data" (from the ACID main page)I
get the following error:


PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite GD support required to
generate graphs was not built into PHP. Please recompile PHP with the
necessary library (--with-gd)


This is really annoying..I know what the error means, and have tried
deinstalling php and reinstalling it. I use FreeBSD, so I installed
mysql from the ports the first time; where a nice gui pops up and where
options (including GD support) can be set. I know I didn't select it the
first time, but I did a deinstall; reinstall with GD; no good. 

So then I compiled the latest PHP source(the port was an older one) with
GD; no good, even though the compile was okay but I get the same


So is there something else here I might be overlooking: cache files,
other files that might need editing etc. I also looked in the
acid_conf.php but there was nothing there that might be it.


Please, any tips are welcome.




Jan van den Berg


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