[Snort-users] ACID And MYSQL

John Ceballos-contr John.Ceballos-contr at ...9411...
Fri Jun 13 11:59:02 EDT 2003

Basically, I was querying the wrong tables. For some reason, your explanation how ACID works with the MYSQL database didn't sink in until a day or two later. Once that sunk in, I figured out what tables to query and how to query them. Again, thanks all for your help.

>>> "Schmehl, Paul L" <pauls at ...6838...> 06/13/03 11:21AM >>>
That's great.  Care to share with the list what the problem ending up
being and how you solved it?

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Thanks for the help. My queries are now fine and I am getting the data
correctly. Thanks again for the help.

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