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If you can ping the other boxes then Snort should detect them. It could be
you have a switch, and in that case you won’t see the other systems (check
the model # with the manufacture), and it needs to be auto sensing. 


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I want to use Snort (or windump...) as a Packet logger under Win2k.

I have installed Winpcap 3.0 to capture IP trafic. My computer belongs to a
small local network ( connected by a hub. 

When i start Snort or another packet logger, i see only broadcast or trafic
to my computer. I don't understand why my network's card are not in
promiscious mode. However, Winpcap seems to be correctly installed. 

I want to see all the local network's trafic (it's a Hub so it should

If someone got an idea.


Best regards,


B. Darniot



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