[Snort-users] JPGRAPH/ACID/$ChartLib_path ????

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Did you add the PHPLot (.php & .inc) files to the jpgraph folder? Not real
sure about UNIX but Windows install requires them.


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I'm at a loss here. I have installed ACID, Snort, MySQL, JPGraph etc., etc.,
and all necessary files necessary for me to view graphs within my ACID


Everything is working fine, with the exception of being able to graph the
alerts in ACID. I have followed all the documentation to no avail yet.
According to what I have read, once all necessary and updated versions of
the necessary programs/files are installed all that is needed is to change
the $ChartLib_path to reflect the jpgraph directories (
$ChartLib_path="../jpgraph/src"; ) in the acid_conf.php file in the ACID


Even though I have done this all I get is ASCII text where the graph is
supposed to show up. Ok, what could I be doing wrong. Supposedly the
jpgraph.php file does not need much, if any, editing. I left the cache
settings at their defaults, which is what looks like the only thing that
would need editing and maybe the path to where GD is supposed to be, which I
also left at its default. 


Could anyone shed any light....I'm totally in the dark with this one. I'm
exhausted from searching google and all the archives out there.


The help will be gratefully appreciated.


Tim -- Mia/Fla

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