[Snort-users] Sourcefire (was Locking down Redhat)

Paul Gillingwater paul at ...9449...
Thu Jun 12 13:29:02 EDT 2003

Quoting Anthony Kim <Anthony.Kim at ...9338...>:
> The Sourcefire box is a PHP interface that solves your problems
> but costs money.  I'm loving the rule syntax validation it has so
> that don't have to struggle with the shame of deploying rules
> that don't work!

I'd support this approach too.  I think Sourcefire have done a great
job with making Snort professional, and they certainly are supporting the
Open Source track.

In fact, wherever customers are thinking of actually deploying Snort,
rather than just running it for testing or "fun", I think a fully
supported version would actually work out more cost effective.  It all
depends how you cost your time.

Disclosure: My company is a Sourcefire reseller, so I am biased towards them.
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