[Snort-users] re: Pass Rule question

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Thu Jun 12 10:38:20 EDT 2003


I have a question regarding the use of pass rules. I am running snort with
the "-o" option and want to ignore specific snmp traffic; specifically,
snmp requests from a particular ip address destined for 2 separate

I created a file called pass.rules and placed it in the rules directory. It
has the following syntax:

     pass udp x.x.x.x any -> udp [y.y.y.y , z.z.z.z ] 161

x.x.x.x corresponds to the source address and y and z to the destination

Is the syntax correct? The traffic that I want to ignore is still showing
up as alerts.  Thanks in advance for any help.

kind regards,

Lindsay Hunt
Network Engineer
Alstom Power
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