[Snort-users] ACID installation woes

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Change the ports back, get the IDS running then start modifying it.


There are several places the port has to be specified (acid.conf.php,
snort.conf, my.ini). To check the MySQL connection, Telnet to the port
(telnet <ip> <port>) and you should get a good connection, not a connection
refused. Make sure that any firewall has the specified port open.


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Greetings All,


I'm in the middle of installing snort and ACID on a win32 box.  I've
successfully installed snort, php, iis, mysql and the rest.  The only
non-standard thing is that I've changed the default port for the acid
website to 8xxx.  When I connect to the acid website, instead of getting the
message that the acid tables need to be added, all I get is and acid splash
screen at the top with the word 'localhost' below.  


I've looked at my configuration files, and I can't find anything out of
order. I know that I have to be missing something very simple.  Does anyone
have suggestions?


Thanks in advance,




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