[Snort-users] Snort 2.0.0, OpenBSD3.3, Netgear EN104TP

Gus Faulk glfaulk at ...5190...
Wed Jun 11 16:52:04 EDT 2003

My Network diagram.

Cable modem-------[EN104TP 10mb hub]---------------OpenBSD3.3---------Lan
  Snort 2.0.0 running on OpenBSD3.3
  using a receive only cable. NIC is running
  in stealth mode.

Snort is not logging anything from the cable modem. I have a remote shell that I have used to do nmap scans and
it is not picking up anything. I have a link light on the stealth nic and it is getting traffic. Has anyone used this type
of netgear hub. I am using the y-cable that is shown in the snort faq. Also if I set the sensor box up on my internal 
lan it logs everything I throw at it. I have cox cable internet servcie. The cable modem is linked at 10mb and the 
sensor and my OpenBSD gateway both have 10mb nics. Thanks for any help.

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