[Snort-users] many 'NETBIOS SMB SMB_COM_TRANSACTION Max Data Count of 0 DOS Attempt'

Everist, Benjamin S. (NASWI) EveristB at ...8190...
Wed Jun 11 10:00:05 EDT 2003

Have a look at http://www.snort.org/snort-db/sid.html?sid=2102

In particular, "This rule has been deprecated due to an inordinately large
number of 
false positives. Rule 2101 has been modified to take this into account."

If your windows machines are properly patched (MS02-045), you will likely
want to 
comment out this rule.

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I've installed snort on a FreeBSD and a Windows 2000 sistems, and I have
many messages like in sublect line.

The source addresses are all PC's from local network. Could be a false


Ciprian Badescu

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