[Snort-users] Barnyard Config Error - Possible Answer

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Wed Jun 11 09:29:02 EDT 2003

On 6/01/03 Guy asked:

> rh9 -mysql- snort- acid installed as per Patrick Harpers excellent install
>  doc on snort web site
>  trying to hook in barnyard
>  using
>  ./configure --enable-mysql
>   --with-mysql-includes=/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql
>  >**********************************************
>  > ERROR: unable to find mysqlclient library
>  > checked in the following places
>  > /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql
>  >**********************************************
>  libmysqlclient.so is actually in this location yet the configure fails
>  searched the archives...
>  ideas?
>  Guy Witney Krocker

I am now trying to install barnyard with MySQL 4.0.12 and ran into the
same problem.

But I think I have a fix. In MySQL 4.0 they appear to have changed the
librarie function calls.

If you edit the barnyard config file and change all occurances of
"mysql_connect" to "my_connect" the configuration and compilation
will complete without this error.

I am having a different error when I try to run barnyard, but I don't
think that it's related to this and is going to be the subject of a
different email.
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