[Snort-users] ACID installation woes

Jim Overholser jimo at ...6947...
Tue Jun 10 06:31:11 EDT 2003

Greetings All,
I'm in the middle of installing snort and ACID on a win32 box.  I've
successfully installed snort, php, iis, mysql and the rest.  The only
non-standard thing is that I've changed the default port for the acid
website to 8xxx.  When I connect to the acid website, instead of getting
the message that the acid tables need to be added, all I get is and acid
splash screen at the top with the word 'localhost' below.  
I've looked at my configuration files, and I can't find anything out of
order. I know that I have to be missing something very simple.  Does
anyone have suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
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