[Snort-users] Problems with Snort and MySQL on FreeBSD 5

Joo Carlos Couto jonplas115 at ...125...
Mon Jun 9 07:13:11 EDT 2003

Hi everybody,

I've installed a FreeBSD running Apache, MySQL, Snort and ACID. The machine 
starts booting ok, but after MySQL starts, Snort tries to come up but it 
stops with an error message. Something like I had installed Snort without 
MySQL support.
I installed Snort through cvsup using "make -DWITH-MYSQL" .
Ok, the machine starts, but when I try to to start snort manually it gives 
me no errors, but just doesn't work.
I guess my problem is in sending the snort alerts to the MySQL database.
Does someone have any idea???

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