[Snort-users] Timestamp Question

Anthony Kim Anthony.Kim at ...9338...
Fri Jun 6 12:04:18 EDT 2003

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003, Sh J wrote:

> Hello u all,

Hello to you too!

> I'm using snort on win2000 machine. my question is i need to change time
> stamp field from one to 2 fileds date and time does it possible.
> Any help will do.

I was also puzzled at the change to time_t format output files.
[But it makes sense, really.]

So anyhow you can simply post process the files using the
language of your choice.

I use python.

Here are some examples to get ideas flowing:

>>> from time import *
>>> print "%s" % (ctime(1054924984))
>>> Fri Jun 06 13:43:04 2003

Nope.  We want a tuple to pass to strftime()

Let's try this:

>>> print "%s" % (strftime("%Y %m %d %H", localtime(1054924984)))
>>> 2003 06 06 13

Sure let's use that.

OK, you don't want to use python. Or you'd rather use perl or
vbscript or awk or whatever.  Experiment.

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