[Snort-users] stupid question

Chris vze2f6h6 at ...3147...
Fri Jun 6 06:19:04 EDT 2003

Ok, I have Snort up and running with ACID and I love it.  Very powerful tool
and it really sheds light on what's really going on in your network.

Now my question.  I have beautiful view of people trying to attack our
network.  Is there anything that can be done about these people?  Will ISPs
do anything with no proof of an actual break in, just attempted break-ins?
Is there anyway that I can at least trace the IP to an E-mail address and
say "I'm watching you"?

I have the feeling that the answer is probably going to be "No. Without
break-ins, no one will do anything".

Please feel free to contact me off the list.


Chris Romano

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