[Snort-users] question on distributed snort collection

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I don't know about preferred yet.  How 'bout I let you know in a few months

Seriously, though, I'm going through similar issues now.  For the time
being, I'm having all sensors, where all is still a fairly small number in
my mind, report back to a single console for analysis.  While this means
that there's more stuff to dig through in order to find the really serious
alarms, it also means that I've got one-stop shopping and don't have to go
through fifteen different consoles to do my aggregation when I'm tracking
down a baddie.

Once again, this is still in the early phases, so I may change my mind when
I get my environment bigger.  Right now, my biggest issues are more
operational, like how do I keep patches up-to-date on boxes on the other
side of the International Date Line and where the nearest admin is 6 hours
away by plane and doesn't have an account on it.  Small stuff like that.


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i've gotten the pink beastie stable and am getting useful info out.  so far,
so good.  now i would like to extend to remote locations.  is there a
preferred means of doing this?  flat vs. tiered mom (mom = monitor of
monitors)?  still in the planning phase and have time to test in the lab,
but any shortcuts / recommendations are appreciated.


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