[Snort-users] SCAN UPnP service discover attempt

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Watch for MSN Messenger users trying to use anything other than IM (as in voice, file transfer, etc.)  They have an article on why all of this uses UPnP somewhere in their knowledgebase.

Personally, I'd just like to make UPnP work via conntrack in my iptables, but that's another story.

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Hi Mark,

I'm not exactly a windows expert, but as far as I know, do Windows XP
clients by default look for what is called UPnP device descriptions via
UPnP. That's why you'r seeing these alerts IMO.

Have a look at
for some info about the UPnP service and bugs within it.

Hope I could help,


> Greetings,
>    There are two hosts on this network that every 5 seconds or so cause 
> snort to alert
>            [**] [1:1917:4] SCAN UPnP service discover attempt [**]
>            [Classification: Detection of a Network Scan] [Priority: 3]
>             ...........

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