[Snort-users] Topology and placement question

JF nep777 at ...131...
Tue Jun 3 17:15:05 EDT 2003

first time i will be using snort. this setup will be
for a small office. i know there must be many similar
questions for this one, i looked at some of the docs
and searched google but i still need some help. Here
is what I have: Cable modem -> Netgear Router/FW. Dual
homed Linux box, simple switch ( i have a hub if that
is better).  I plan to have it go like this: 
Router/FW (wan adr)
| ----  Linux(snort and iptables fw)
         |              |
        eth0(SNORT)  ->   eth1(iptables fw)
         (subnet 1)             |
                           internal(subnet 2)  
does this look right? What would it take to make one
host a DMZ or screened off host to run www and dns?
could I get away with an alias IP on one of the linux

Thank You


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