[Snort-users] Ping

David Alonso De La Vega Tapage delavegad at ...7768...
Tue Jun 3 08:00:01 EDT 2003

This is a interesting situation for me ..  

My snort box detect a constant icmp ping from  small IP range ..   have 
about 3 days detect it ..  obviusly, this are droped in my firewall .. 
 but the ping continue ....

I connect from a dial up conetion and scan ( with nessus and nmap ) the 
source IP  and detect that al ports on this box are opend ..  very 
interesant .. !

In this case what is you reaction ..   or what is the reazon for this 
ping ..   freeze my firewall .. ?

Thanx in advance ..

David Alonso

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