[Snort-users] snort will not log to mysql

Hans Steinraht hsteinraht at ...9358...
Tue Jun 3 06:51:17 EDT 2003


i'm just started playing with snort (version 2.0.0-3.1) on Linux Debian.

When I add some rules like these in local.rules:
  #alert ip any any -> any any (msg:"Got an IP packet";)
  #alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:"Got an TCP packet";)
  #alert udp any any -> any any (msg:"Got an UDP packet";)
  #alert icmp any any -> any any (msg:"Got an ICMP packet";)

all kind of data is inserted in mysql.

When I remove the rules and do a scan to the firewall computer in our
network I see entrys like "[**] [117:1:1] (spp_portscan2) Portscan detected ....." in my alert.log
and in the portscan2.log, but nothing goes to mysql.

The snort.conf file I have looks like this:

  output database: log, mysql, user=snort password=snort dbname=snort

  preprocessor portscan2: scanners_max 256, targets_max 1024, target_limit 5,
  port_limit 20, timeout 60, log portscan2.log

When I remove the option log from preprocessor portscan2 its going to log to
scan.log, but still not to mysql.

Does anyone has some advice for me on this.


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