[Snort-users] Configuring Snort on LAN

Robert Golovniov golovniov at ...9291...
Tue Jun 3 05:40:06 EDT 2003

Hello snort-users,

  I  am  sitting  on  a LAN workstation and would like to know whether
  there  are any attempts to connect to my machine (for example, via a
  remote  admin program) or whether there is any program sitting here,
  which  is  trying  to send unauthorized information from my machine.
  I  would  also  be  interested  in  any attempts to scan my ports or
  run/stop  any  services  here  without  my  knowledge.  How should I
  configure Snort (via IDScenter) and what rules should I use?

             -=Robert & Beata Golovniov | Lviv, Ukraine=-
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