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Mon Jun 2 08:04:06 EDT 2003

Instead of using the rc script, run the 'snort' command with all
necessary switches from a command line so that the info will be spit out
to stderr... also, look in /var/log/messages to see what is happening
when you try to start it.

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 10:01, Ryan Vennell wrote:
> ok:  
> Running Redhat 8.0 (CLI only)
> Running latest stable release of snort
> snort is interfacing w/ opennms so it can page the admin's when we have
> a hack attempt or anything like that.  (
> http://faq.opennms.org/index.cgi?auth=ckd46c945f2ca7&file=116 )  as
> soon as snort starts it diesinstantly...  here's an example of how it
> runs:
> [root at ...9348... init.d]# ./snortd start
> Starting snort: [  OK  ]
> [root at ...9348... init.d]# ./snortd status
> snort dead but subsys locked
> [root at ...9348... init.d]# ./snortd stop
> Stopping snort: [FAILED]
> [root at ...9348... init.d]# 
> i can't figure out what is causing this to die this fast and if there's
> a log of what the crash entailed, i cant find it...  anyone have a
> little help for a lost guy here?
> Thanks, Ryan Vennell, Dallas Baptist University
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