[Snort-users] 2.0 bug in flow:?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Jul 31 17:44:27 EDT 2003

At 08:38 AM 8/1/2003 +1200, Jason Haar wrote:
>Hmm, well that's where I get confused. I have stream4 and stream4_reassemble
>enabled, but *don't* run snort with the "-z" option. I have some alerts
>that need to trigger off "flag:S" - which I think stops working when I
>enable "-z".

You shouldn't need -z to make flows work. The reason -z exists is you can 
use it to essentially add "flow: established" to every rule in the ruleset 
without having to edit them. This was probably only useful before flows 
became fairly common in the ruleset.

>Basically I have some alerts that I want to trigger when DMZ hosts attempt
>to make outgoing connections. I don't care if they succeed or not - the mere
>presence of a SYN packet is enough reason to alert.
>How can I use "-z" and still do that?

you don't, but you shouldn't need -z.

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