[Snort-users] Can't Parse "snort -V"

Dale L. Handy dhandy at ...2998...
Thu Jul 31 15:20:03 EDT 2003

Use the following instead, since the version (and much of the other 
information) is being written to stderr:

    snort -V >versionfile.txt 2>&1

This will redirect both stdout and stderr to the file versionfile.txt.

John Crain wrote:

>I'm attempting to automate snort version on multiple
>sensors.  However, I can't parse "snort -V"...  snort
>-V dumps to the screen and I can't grep or awk it.  I
>can't even dump snort -V to a file with "snort -V >
>Any suggestions on how to grab the version number as
>part of a command line function?
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