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Wed Jul 30 14:20:02 EDT 2003

Hi Aaron,


I work for Blade Software

End of Caution :-)

IDS Informer is a purpose built product to enable users to test and validate
the configuration of intrusion detection systems. It will allow you to
replay real attack traffic in a controlled and safe way allowing you to
spoof source and destination ip information as well as a range of other
management options. The application was designed purely to test network
based intrusion detection systems and it is mentioned as a tool to baseline
systems in the excellent Snort 2.0 book


You can get more information and an evaluation version of IDS Informer from
our website.

Hope this info is of help and let me know if you would like to find out
further info.

Matt Foster
Blade-Software Inc.
Security Verification Management Solutions

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I have installed Snort and it seems to be working good. The only test i was
able to carry out was port scan and the main alert i get were icmp. Can
someone suggest to me how to test more of the protocols against the rules. I
activated or added as many rules but don't know how to test the performance

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