[Snort-users] snort-inline

Stephan Scholz sscholz at ...9753...
Wed Jul 30 00:24:23 EDT 2003

Hi Gustavo,

there must have gone something wrong with the compilation. Check
the output of ./configure for errors or warnings.
If the -Q option is not recognized, then it means that the binary
has not been compiled for inline mode at all.


> I have installing snort-inline 1.9.1 but it steal only do alerts and don´t
> drop the packages..
> The only problem appear to be when i put snort with -Q
> option it return me "./snort_inline: invalid option -- Q" or if i change
> rules that are in alert mode to drop mode the snort unknow this rules..
> All the others configuration appear to be ok ( The bridge , ip_queue, the
> queue mode in rc.firewall )..
> Anyone can help me?

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