[Snort-users] New snortcenter project idea

Kevin Peuhkurinen kevin.peuhkurinen at ...7732...
Mon Jul 28 05:23:01 EDT 2003

That's great, Stefan.  However, I notice that the project was registered 
with Sourceforge last October, and absolutely nothing has been done with 
it since.    Are you now able to spend the time necessary to co-ordinate 
this project, or should perhaps someone else take over?

larc wrote:

> Hi all,
> SnortCenter is still alive but I didn't had the time to work on the 
> project or reply to emails because I was out of my country for some time.
> There is already a sourceforge project at 
> sourceforge.net/projects/snortcenter/
> If you are interested in joining this project then you can send me an 
> email to larc at ...1187...
> Cheers,
> Stefan
> Kevin Peuhkurinen wrote:
>> Back in June, Roy Rapopart said about Snortcenter:
>> "So hey, it's the Open Source world, right? So I shouldn't complain 
>> if I'm not willing to help? You betcha.  Fear the unemployed sysadmin 
>> who knows PHP and MySQL.  I've sent Mr. Dens some emails with the 
>> problems I've found and how I've fixed them.  If he decides to move 
>> over to a more cooperative development environment (say, 
>> sourceforge?), I'll be happy to contribute code."
>> It seems to me that the community needs an open source GUI for Snort. 
>> Unfortunately, IDS Policy Manager is crap, is Win32 only, and isn't 
>> open source anyway.   Snortcenter is as close as we have to a working 
>> OSS GUI.   Since the author doesn't seem to have the time to work on 
>> it, I suggest that we start a new project, probably using 
>> SourceForge, beginning with Snortcenter as the base code.   That's 
>> the beauty of the GPL -- we're allowed to do that.  It would be nice 
>> to have Stefan's blessing, but we don't need it.   Since Roy has 
>> already done some work on it, I would nominate him to head up the 
>> project.  I'll be happy to help with it.
>> Anyone have any thoughts on this?
>> Thanks,
>> Kevin
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