[Snort-users] acid - mysql support not being read -success

Dave O'Donnell daveod at ...9738...
Sun Jul 27 14:41:10 EDT 2003

ok - I'm running php 5.0.0b1, Win2k , mySQL 3.23.51

Tried using php-5.0.0b1-Win32.zip, 
with the following , 
adodb350.zip with
Sadly got the result that php will not compile
mysql not supported.
I tried both isapi & cgi versions, 
various mods to php.ini etc - no way was 
mySQL getting read, although any other extension 
I enabled was getting read.

Anyway , at this stage I decided to try 
stepping back a bit - so I downloaded 
php-4.3.2-Win32.zip , a previous win binary.
I followed the docs & this worked perfectly - 
Was version 5 win-32 compiled with mySQL ???

Anyway, I'm happy now-   
Woo-Hoo - time for a pint.

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