[Snort-users] Snort + LCD display

eth eth at ...9735...
Sun Jul 27 11:16:02 EDT 2003

Thanks for help! I read in source files that the socket is 
/var/log/snort/snort_alert instead of /dev/snort. But if I run Snort 
with -A unsock option I get:
"/var/log/snort/snort_alert  doesn't exist or isn't writable". Is it 
because of Snort error (I know it's experimental option)? Or maybe the 
socket snort_alert must be created by other program first?
And one more question: is it possible to use two output systems? In 
example to use unix socket and normal file logging? If not, is it a good 
idea to run two snort processes (one to socket logging and one to file 


On 2003-07-26 19:51, Alejandro Flores wrote:

>	Hello,
>	You could write a little progie to read from a unix socket and
>configure snort to write alerts to /dev/snort. Snort supports UNIX
>socket loggin (experimental), with -A unsock.
>	Maybe you could modify the spo_alert_unixsock.c or write another output
>plugin to write to a socket. Also create a server to listen for
>connections from this output plugin.
>	Output the signature name, source ip and destination ip.
>See ya!

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