[Snort-users] Snort as Gigabit Sensor

Jeff jcoppock1 at ...5068...
Sat Jul 26 19:19:03 EDT 2003

Jason Haar, 2003-Jul-25 12:06 +1200:
> Jeff wrote:
> >Some other posts to this thread talk about getting the max performance
> >out of a single system, up to 300-500Mbps.  To get a full Gig (well
> >700Mbps or so anyway) of IDS traffic you'll need to load balance a
> >server farm.  Check out the Nortel Alteon Web Switches which have IDS
> >
> Can I just ask a naive question? Needing to load balance is only due to 
> the sites requiring PCI-based IDS isn't it? I mean, there are Gb IDS out 
> there - they wouldn't need load balancers would they?

Right.  Farming multiple 100-300Mbps systems and load-balancing is one

> Pretty scary: Gb Ethernet isn't exactly cutting edge these days - being 
> required to go over to load balancers must really change the budget 
> requirements...

Chad and Andrew make very good points.  If you really are pushing 1GB,
then load-balancing is one option, another option being to build a
high-speed system.  

Chad makes some great points about some advantages of load-balancers.
Providing high-availability to you IDS farm is nice.  Also, being able
to filter traffic to specific IDS systems is also nice.


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